Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yep, I'm bored at work

Spent the day cursing this terribly dull, unexciting job. Started this. Found out blogger doesn't want you to host from ImageShack. Screw that. I don't want to have to d/l some lameass spyware proggy to post a freakin' photo. Probably will eventually, tho. Just need to bitch about it first.

So, today was the gay marriage amendment vote in Kansas. I have no doubt thanks to my hick peckerwood god-fearing fellow Kansans, this will succeed. Because, if they don't vote for this amendment, the fags will run everything! Like they do now! Or not.

I voted against it on my lunch break, since, let's face it, enshrining discrimination in our state constitution is absolutely moronic. NO ONE has ever explained to me how two guys getting to bone each other while waving a marriage license in their honeymoon suite will damage anyone's marriage. Own up, the only reason to vote for a gay marriage ban is because you don't like gay people. That's cool, if you admit it; at least you know you have a problem, and are working on it. But this whole sanctity of marriage thing is BS. Have these people SEEN the divorce rate?


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