Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I am Jack's lack of surprise

Imagine that! My redneck peckerwood fellow Kansans decided to enshrine discrimination in the state constitution. Also to my lack of surprise Douglas County voted against it. And once again, there will be a lovely map of the state with one blue county (maybe they'll start printing it in pink?) hanging out, looking sideways at its neighbors.
And also to my lack of surprise, the same dim bulbs who passed the Lawrence smoking ban got back into office. Maybe this has something to do with a slight lack of organization on my fellow smokers, and maybe it has something to do with the current council throwing out various ideas that helped foment that disorganization ( Hallmark's exemption or the sidewalk smoking idea). Eris and the Golden Apple anyone?
What I urged the smoking ban opponents, and Dave, the owner of Henry's in particular, was to print up business cards listing the 4 council members who voted for the smoking ban, and encourage those who signed the petition (registered voters) to vote against them. Or, closer to the election, pass out cards listing who supported lifting or modifying the ban.
In case you didn't notice, no one took me up on my idea.


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